Financial Advisory, Project Management, Share Registration and Custodianship!
Preparation of feasibility studies and Project appraisals
Equity Investment, Financial Advisory,Share Registration and Custodianship !

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We have recently on boarded a large number for investors actively looking at impact companies. You can find a few of these active requirements below and we will send you more in a short time:

In the Impact space, we connect deals of all sizes from early stage to growth to mature to late stage companies. We do not have a minimum revenue requirement for these propositions.

You can share teasers for any relevant deals in reply to this mail or add the deals

• US based Fund looking at Agribusinesses engaged in sustainable farming, agri-tech, supporting smallholder farmers, organic and secure food processing and other related services.

• European Fund seeking companies engaged in inclusive and Affordable Education, training of youth and unemployed, edu-tech companies and skill development and job creation enterprises.

• European Investor seeking companies engaged in Affordable Healthcare treatment centres and services, healthcare technology and companies addressing major diseases affecting Africa.

Send your teasers to and do let me know if you have any queries.

Welcome to OptionXpress!

We provides consultancy services:

  • Equity investment
  • Fixed Income investment
  • Commodity Trading and Derivative investment

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Consultancy services in Equity and Fixed Income investment!
consultancy services in – Background research and due diligence!

Why We Exist?

OptionXpress Services is an investment management and financial advisory firm. We create wealth, empower and partner our clients to develop the right strategies and processes that will ultimately guarantee success in business transactions and endeavours.

OptionXpress Services is managed by a team of experts and professionals. We have successfully brokered, structured and closed deals for energy, infrastructure project funding.

Team Members

OptionXpress Team
OptionXpress Team

OptionXpress Team


OptionXpress Services is managed by a team made up of professionals with proven integrity and experience

OptionXpress have you covered! Background research and due diligence  Equity investment  Fixed Income investment  Commodity Trading and Derivative investment  Investment management and advisory  Financial Advisory  Share Registration and Custodianship  Business Services.  Preparation of feasibility studies and project appraisals  Financial informational services