About Us

OptionXpress Services is a Venture Capitalist and an Incubator Firm

We collaborate with both local and international associates to provide our qualitative and comprehensive services.

We work with you to define your needs, narrow the scope of problem areas, and propose solutions that are designed specifically to fulfill the needs of your company.

We invest in products, ideas and projects we love.


To have the most satisfied client and dedicated workforce.


Our mission is to provide to our clients the best services based on our core values, thereby achieving maximum return on investment for our clients, employees and the company



Trust is based on perceived honesty, fairness and confidence of the other party.  With your trust on us, we can work together. Grant us your trust and you will not lose.


We strongly believe honesty and integrity is the best policy and we are highly responsible to our conducts as well as operating in a socially responsible way.


As professionals, we have excellent skill, high standard of ethical and moral conduct and we owe a higher duty to clients to deliver.

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