Equity Investment, Financial Advisory,Share Registration and Custodianship !

Equity Investment, Financial Advisory,Share Registration and Custodianship !

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We have recently on boarded a large number for investors actively looking at impact companies. You can find a few of these active requirements below and we will send you more in a short time:

In the Impact space, we connect deals of all sizes from early stage to growth to mature to late stage companies. We do not have a minimum revenue requirement for these propositions.

You can share teasers for any relevant deals in reply to this mail or add the deals

• US based Fund looking at Agribusinesses engaged in sustainable farming, agri-tech, supporting smallholder farmers, organic and secure food processing and other related services.

• European Fund seeking companies engaged in inclusive and Affordable Education, training of youth and unemployed, edu-tech companies and skill development and job creation enterprises.

• European Investor seeking companies engaged in Affordable Healthcare treatment centres and services, healthcare technology and companies addressing major diseases affecting Africa.

Send your teasers to info@optionxpress.com.ng and do let me know if you have any queries.

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