Investment/Financial News!

Investment/Financial News!

  • Dow jumps more than 800 points as Wall Street heads for fourth weekly gain in five weeks. – CNBC.


  • Wirecard CEO Markus Braun resigns after the German payments company disclosed $2.1 Billion of missing Cash – Bloomberg

  • Dow drops 200-points after jobless claims disappoint , reopening trades declines. – CNBC
  • Dow recovers from 271-point loss, turns positive as reopening stocks rise. – CNBC

Hong Kong’s economy is in peril, but its financial system is not – The Economist

As they repay their debt to society, many Hong Kong prisoners are put to work making useful items like road signs, uniforms, furniture—and the surgical masks that now obscure the faces of almost everyone on the city’s subdued streets. To help stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, which has infected over 28,000 people worldwide, prisoners will now be employed round the clock, boosting mask production by as much as 60%.

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